On the way there we flew through Lusaka and Nairobi, going a little bit out of the way. Flying back we stayed a day in Nairobi. It happened to be on Madaraka Day, a holiday in Kenya celebrating when they first obtained autonomy from Britain.


Our hotel was cool, I had a huge room. I’m not sure how anyone could use all that space. One of the IT guys from Moshi showed us some of the night life there as well.

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While we worked most of the time while we were in Moshi, we did get some gorgeous views of Kilimanjaro through the clouds and from the plane:

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We also were able to swing through Nairobi National Park while we were staying there. While it’s partially surrounded by Nairobi, it’s huge. You certainly don’t feel like you’re in a city while you’re driving around inside. There were a fair amount of wild animals inside - its not anything like a zoo, the animals weren’t brought there for the park, they were there from the get go.

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The city of Nairobi was interesting in and of itself as well. It definitely had more to offer than anywhere else I visited in Africa.

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All in all, it was a good trip. Would have been better if my luggage hadn’t got lost but, that’s life.

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