Hey, I went up to the Ubiquiti World Conference yesterday in Chicago.  Thought I’d share a few quick points from my notes.



  • Mentioned they were shooting for one new product line per quarter - seems pretty aggressive
  • point to point wireless backhaul.  Not wifi based.
  • 700 Mbps in each direction up to about 1.5 miles.  250 Mbps out to ~10 miles (max range)
  • license free, 24 Ghz.  Might support licensed 21 / 25 Ghz later on.
  • they brought the AirFiber team in from Motorola Canopy.
  • simultaneous transmission - separate antenna for TX / RX.  Allows for better RX gain without hitting FCC limits for output.
  • $3000 for two units / a single link.



  • UAP Pro should be available in April finally.  Will have GbE, multiple ethernet ports, 802.3af, 5 Ghz support.
  • Outdoor 5 Ghz
  • Availiability issues - UAP-LR has not shipped for a few months.  Should be better soon.
  • Multi site management coming soon.  Separate databases, single place to manage all of it through.

AirOS Roadmap

  • 5.5 - multiple VLAN support, large MTU (2024 bytes)
  • 5.6 - Ubiquiti SNMP MIB
  • Multiple SSID’s might be added in a later release


  • prevents your own AP’s on a single tower from transmitting while another is receiving.  Only prevents collisions from your own AP’s though.


  • 8 port web managed (AirOS) PoE switch
  • VLAN’s, bonding, RSTP, etc.
  • Ping monitoring, auto power cycle AP on port.
  • No fiber planned
  • no pricing announced


Titanium Line

  • GbE, 802.3af, metal case.
  • Rocket Titanium, Bullet Titanium
  • Variable sector width product: can be 60 / 90 / 120 degrees, can be changed by user
  • A few months out


AirControl 2

  • centralized management for AirMax devices
  • auto topology mapping, can pull GPS coords from devices.
  • proprietary management protocol, no SNMP :(
  • rule based grouping / altering / action / confic changes


  • right now, AirCam, AirCam Dome, AirCam mini
  • same type of camera in each.  720p
  • Dome has built in mic, micro SD card
  • Mini is table top form factor, has a webcam like look to it
  • AirCam pro later this year.  Metal body, optical zoon, heating.  1080p.  IR LED
  • New AirVision software features - mobile browser support, video export, email notifications with pictures, automatic disk management
  • Working on pushing intelligence to cameras themselves to offload from AirVision server - motion detection, etc.
  • Eventually will have PTZ cameras.
  • No wireless cameras planned.



  • UAP Pro - April, price will be “disruptive”
  • AirFiber - Q2
  • Titanium products - May
  • ToughSwitch - May


  • EdgeOS router still in development, a ways off.  More info in future conferences.
  • No plans for WiMax.  Some licensed band products possible in future.