Over the last few months, I’ve been looking in to some of the new trends in enterprise / service provider networking.  There are a ton of really great presentations and videos out there that I’ve found. Here are some of the ones I wanted to highlight.

The NANOG and RIPE NCC presentations give a good picture of some of the operational and design issues service providers are facing right now, and where things are going in the future.  They tend not to be vendor specific, and focus more on operations and protocols.

NANOG Meeting Archives: http://www.nanog.org/meetings/archive/

RIPE Meeting Archives: http://www.ripe.net/internet-coordination/press-centre/publications/presentations/presentations-archive

Cisco also posts some really interesting presentations, both on higher-level network design concepts, as well as deep dives into the architecture of their specific products.

Cisco Live Presentations:


I’ve also been reading a variety of networking related books, mostly on BGP and network designs.  With most things in IT, there aren’t a whole lot of books are up to date enough to cover new and emerging technical topics.  They do give a good foundation for where things are currently though.

Books I’ve Read: http://www.garraux.net/personal/books.php

Juniper also has some great resources to read through in their “This Week” and “Day One” series.  I felt I learned a lot from reading through their Deploying MPLS, advanced OSPF, and subscriber management ebooks.

Juniper eBooks: http://www.juniper.net/us/en/community/junos/training-certification/day-one/networking-technologies-series/